Covid-19 City and Community

The government has decided to extend the existing prohibitions to limit Covid-19 spreads by January 25. At the same time, some changes have been made, such as extending the winter holiday for pupils in grades 1 to 4 until 22 January, but from 12 January libraries will resume the issue of books and be allowed to sell certain goods needed during the winter period.

The government also agreed to keep staying at home 22.00 until 5.00, it must be observed at night from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday. At this time, people outside the house can be only having urgent purposes, for example, to go to work or a medical facility. A self-certification must be completed, indicating your personal data and reason for movement. You must have a passport or ID card with you. Such a condition will apply until Jan. 25.

As in the past, anyone who is allowed to work remotely from home has to do so. It is the employer's responsibility to provide it. These conditions apply to both public and local authorities and to private enterprises. This means working on site, such as vendors, drivers, loaders, policemen, firefighters, security officers, radio and television broadcasting announcers and operators, medics and others, but not, for example, office staff.

At the same time, the government order clarifies that minors have the right to meet on-the-spot parents who live elsewhere during the emergency.


Hotline for Covid-19 related inquiries (24 hours, 7 days a week) - 8345

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